Assessment and Treatment

What to expect ?

You and your family can expect a completely confidential and professional service.

After contacting us, your family will be offered an appointment at your convenience. A letter confirming the appointment details will be sent promptly.

The appointment will be held in a private and comfortable consulting room
. In most cases an 
initial assessment will last
between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. 

In the case of older children, Dr Dickens' assessment will usually commence with the family for a short period to clarify the purpose of the appointment.

Dr Dickens then invites discussion with the young person alone, followed by the parents/carers directly afterwards.  At the end of the assessment, the family is brought together to agree on the best way forward.


This is different to the approach with a younger child.

In the case of younger children, Dr Dickens spends longer with the family as a unit and where possible will spend individual time with at least one of the parents/carers and if appropriate, the young person on their own. 


Management of you and your family's situation will be determined by the outcome of the assessment session. 

The most relevant psychological therapy will be planned either individually, for the family as a whole, or a combination of both. Depending on the circumstance, medication may be prescribed.

A summary of the assessment and management plan will be forwarded following the consultation.

The number of treatment sessions will be driven by the severity of the problem and the rate of response to the intervention.

In some cases, Dr Dickens may suggest other specialist practitioners for periods whilst retaining overall management of your situation.

In all eventualities, Dr Dickens will ensure that you and your family are treated in the most effective way possible with full updates and discussion regarding progress and plans.